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Officially founded in 2015 by Parry Kitt, Dustin Williams, and an angel investor, Wake Records serves as a developmental art label for theSAGAS and other independent artists. Wake is built around the idea of creating a platform for us to manifest our sol energy into tangible form, without creative limitation. Wake is the gateway that allows us to do that by being a practical, organized, and grounded business with goals and standards. We understand the important of balance in everything we do, and that is where we find our true power.  

Brief history

  • Initial capital investment into the Wake brain-child (May 2014)
  • Funded the recording, mixing, and mastering of ‘theMIXTAPE’ (theSAGAS, 2015)
  • Established a market in the UK (2 1/2 month tour, theSAGAS f.k.a The Silver Comet, June-Oct 2014)
  • Organized, booked, and promoted JamFestiParty (Local music festival, SOLD OUT, Jan 2015)
  • Participated in Zoo Labs music tech residency as theSAGAS (Feb 2015)
  • Released ‘Big Mistake’ Music Video (theSAGAS, July 2015)
  • Partnered with an independent company for college radio marketing campaign of ‘theMIXTAPE’ (Nov 2015)
  • Funded the recording and mixing of ‘Dropouts To Society’ (theSAGAS, TBR 2017)
  • Provided resources for in-house AV production, merch/graphic design, stage production, and studio production
  • Provided general tour support